CenturyLink Fiber

I hate paying for digital equipment rentals. It feels like a rip off. Recently we switched from Comcast Xfinity to CenturyLink Fiber. It was disappointing to find that that my current router didn't seem to work with their new service. After searching the web and a lot of experimenting, I found a solution. Hopefully this post will help others.

There are two steps to get this working:

  1. Get your PPPoE username and password from CenturyLink
  2. Install and configure your router with firmware that supports VLAN tagging. I used OpenWrt.
I am not a networking guy. This guide is what happened to work for me using my specific router - a TL-WDR3600. If you don't feel confident about following these instructions or don't want to run the risk of turning your router into a brick - STOP. I don't take any responsiblity for what may happen if you follow this procedure.

Grab your PPPoE username and password

There are two ways to do this - call CenturyLink and ask for the username and password or grab them from your router. I did both, just to confirm that the password I pulled out of the router's UI was correct. The CenturyLink techs were extremely nice.
To get the username and password from your router, just log in and go to Quick Setup

The username is easy enough, but getting the password requires a bit of digging. If you pull up the developer tools and inspect the PPP Password input field, you'll find the password in the inner div.

Safari - Develop->Show Web Inspector

Target and then expand the PPP password field

Install OpenWrt on your router

Find your device on the Table Of Hardware, and then follow the installation directions.

Configure OpenWrt

Log in to your routerRouter Login

Navigate to the Switch configuration screen (Network->Switch)

Change the VLAN ID from 2 to 201 and Port 1 on that VLAN from untagged to tagged. Save & Apply.

Navigate to the Interfaces configuration screen (Network->Interfaces) and hit Edit on the WAN interface.

Change the protocol to PPPoE. Switch protocol.

Set your username (including the @quest.net or @centurylink.com) and password.

Select the Physical Settings tab. Change to VLAN Interface "eth0.201". Save & Apply.

That's it. Dont forget to set a password.

You also may want to turn on and configure your wifi. Now to send back my router....

Many thanks to those who posted helpful articles to the web:

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