My favorite [CrossFit] things

I love CrossFit, but I'm not the type of person that will corner you at a party and MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND, BRO!  (also, I only ever use the word bro ironically or if I'm talking to the cat). For me every day at the gym is roughly 90% fail and 10% okay, or at least not fail. I just wanted to share some things I use that make the 90% suck a little bit less.

Caffeine Gum

If you start your workouts early in the morning and don't have time for coffee then I've found that Military Energy Gum makes a great alternative. It clocks in at about 100mg of caffeine per stick, or about a half cup of Portland coffee. Spearmint is the only acceptable flavor.


Jaco Hybrid Training Shorts are super comfortable and have a drawstring that is guaranteed to keep your shorts from falling down.

Sugoi knee socks keep my shins from getting scraped to hell ... most days.

Preventative Maintenance

A french rolling pin and a lacrosse ball pretty much cover all of my needs and don't take up as much room as a full sized foam roller would. I can use the rolling pin on my quads and calves while the ball covers the rest.

Tweezerman has the best tool around that will keep your hands from becoming a ragged mess. I use it every other day, especially if there was a pull-up bar involved somewhere. The rasp is especially great for smoothing out the rough spots while the shaver keeps calluses trimmed.

Doing a lot of AbMat sit-ups? Yea, I'm just gonna leave this here....

Nerd Gear

I love the idea of the quantified self. I'll probably have another post about this piece of gear, but for now I'll just say that the Fitbit Surge is pretty damn fun.


If you do end up with a callus rip then there seem to be two ways you can go. You can either glue that shit back together or you can just cut it off and start from scratch (assuming there is something left hanging). I feel like option one is just asking for an infection, but some people swear by it so choose your own adventure I guess. If you decide to go with option two, then you might find it handy to have a scalpel hanging around and some liquid bandage to seal things up tight after surgery. Now, be forewarned that liquid bandage smells like Satan's taint but I feel that it's better than trying to keep a bandage on all day. Maybe put a sequined glove over it or something.


For a WOD well done...